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Cheap Sofa Beds Under £100


It is easier than one thinks to find cheap sofa beds under £100. Any kind that can be found in this price range can be a fantastic addition to a home. Having a sofa bed provides people with an extra place to sit down, and it also provides an extra sleeping solution for guests. It simply isn't practical for most homes to purchase a brand new bed and mattress because they take up so much space. Having an extra bed in a room is really a waste of space unless it will be used often. People who have larger houses may have a spare bedroom, however most people already have a full house. Therefore a sofa bed makes the ideal option because when not used as a mattress, it doubles up as a sofa.

closed sofa bed

There are two ways to find cheap sofa beds under £100. The first way is to purchase a secondhand sofa bed, which has been used by somebody else before. This is not ideal because of the hygiene issues associated with this type of item. Purchasing electrical products such as a TV or other furniture such as a wardrobe secondhand is more acceptable. However purchasing a mattress or sofa bed which has been owned by somebody else is not very appealing to most people.


The times when purchasing a used sofa bed is acceptable to people are when it has been purchased from a shop which has thoroughly cleaned the item, or when the sofa bed has been purchased off a friend or family member. For many people this is a good way to find cheap sofa beds under £100 because they can trust that the product has been looked after and is in a clean condition.


There are various models of cheap sofa beds under £100 which can be purchased brand new. The most popular style are single sofa beds which do not have a frame. Most people will instantly recognize these when they see one. They consist of two foam compartments which sit on top of each other to create a seat. At the back there is a smaller foam compartment which acts as a backrest when the item is used as a sofa. To transform it into a bed the sofa is simply lifted up which brings out the bottom layer which creates a full length mattress.


These cheap foam sofa beds are usually under £100 and can be as low price as £50 in some cases. They are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. They are ideal for kids rooms because they create a nice low, compact seat. Adults may find these sofa beds a little uncomfortable because they do not have any kind of frame. They are also made of foam which means that eventually they will start to sag in the middle.


It is also possible to find framed cheap sofa beds under £100, but these are quite rare. The framed versions have a separate mattress and this means that the combination is generally more comfortable to sit and sleep on. These types of sofa beds usually cost more than £100. There are sometimes special deals and discounts which can bring the price down. The best way to get framed sofa beds under £100 is to look out for sales in department stores, or look for online retailers who naturally sell products at a lower price.

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